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MIMIO - Automatic calibration process
Last Updated 3 years ago

This procedure explains the process to manual calibrate a Mimio pen device.

Mimio 280 Projector

1. Place the computer in duplicate mode, this can be done by press the windows key + P
2. Once the computer is duplicate mode make sure there is nothing on the whiteboard in the area of the Mimio projection
3. Click on the small up arrow near the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen
4. Right click on the Mimio Studio icon, it is a purple square with a paint brush
5. Choose settings
6. Click on Interactive
7. Click the calibrate button
8. A white screen that says automatic calibration will appear
9. After a few moments the screen should turn black and you will black and white circles appear
10. When it completes the white screen will disappear and your Mimio pen will be calibrated
11. If the calibration process does not start make sure the resolution of the computer is set to 1200x800 and there is nothing blocking on the calibration process on the whiteboard (drawings, things hanging, tape on the board, etc)

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