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OUTLOOK - Forward contact group
Last Updated 3 years ago

A user wants to be able to forward a contact group in Outlook to another user and allow them to save the contact group in their own contacts.

There are many steps in Outlook to complete this task.

  1. In your Outlook click on People, then find the group in your contact list and double click it to open it
  2. Click the Forward Group button, then choose “As an Outlook contact”
  3. This will create an e-mail with the group attached, send this e-mail to the people you want to forward the group to
  4. The person receiving the e-mail then needs to follow these steps to save the contact group
  1. Open the e-mail from you with the contact group
  2. Double click on the contact group attachment
  3. Click on the File Menu
  4. Click on Info
  5. Click on the Move to Folder button
  6. Choose Copy To Folder
  7. Select Contacts
  8. Press OK

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